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By : Lita Sulistyaningtyas guru SMPN 90 Jakarta anggota KGPBR

“Meo… meo.. meo..” it’s a pity sound. I heard this sound loudly, more and more. I dropped down of my motorcycle, looking for the sound. “Meo… meo.. meo..”  The sound heard once more, but I still can’t found it. I look around but  got nothing, then I ride my motorcycle to the shop.Lita

In the shop, I bought some vegetables, a chicken, two cups of “santan” ready to use and another thing I need to buy. After I finished to shop, I ride my motor to go home. Once more, when I passed away the ugly house I heard that sound. More loudly now.

The sound came from one of the room that so dark. There are so much plants, grass and moss arrounds. “Oohh.. there you are.” I’m so glad to fine her. A little kitten freezing in the cloudy early morning. She looks so dirty, little beat ‘ugly’ with pity poor face on her. “Pussy..pussy. Come over here.” I tried to called her out. She looked at me. “Come..come..” I called her once more . Slowly she comes over to me.  “Let me hold you little girl. And don’t be noisy, will you.” I said so to her. I took her softly and put her into the box of my helmed in box of motorcycle. I put the sadle softly to protected her and bring her home.

I took some warm water, shampoo, and a little clean towel. Then I took her, the new kitten, to take a bath. Every kitten or cat that I found in the market or another places, should take a bath. It’s prevent many kinds of damage or diaseases would be happen for another cats at home. Cat can bring many kinds of diasaese that could be infectious. Virus, parasit, and mites, are some of  cat’s diasaes.

“Oohh no.. innalillahi what a messed!” I was shock with the conditon of the kitten. “You olny have three legs. What’s the matter with you? Oohh my little kitten, poor on you.” I felt so sad to saw this. The kitten that I found just early morning had three legs only. It’ must be happened since she was born. She just had a half of her front right leg.

“Alhamdulillah. You looks so sweet now. Let’s take some food to eat.” Then I prepared some rice and fries fish for her. I served it onto the plate. She eats so fast and looks so hungry. Some times she looks arrounds to make sure no one another cats bothering her. She is the tenth cat that become our cat’s family. She looks arround the house. Meet some big cats and another kitten too. Just wanna cry to see her walk. Her left leg should be strong to make it ballance. She looks charming then stand beside the white ones called Ewok, the biggest cat at home. He smelled her gently and lie down near her.

I choose some pretty name for her. Finnaly I got one LUPI, the charming and the brave ones. She doesn’t scare with other cats at home. I have ten cats and Lupi is the tenth. Beside running, lupi can jump too for the lower place. But she can’t climbed to the tree. The other kitten can climb to the lower windows, but not Lupi. As a kitten, Lupi likes to play with the other cats. Rolling, jumps, and playing ball, it”s seems so easy for her.

Sometimes, she also come closer to the brown one Bandit, but he doesn’t like her much. Yellow on her loudly and leave her alone. Lupi tried to adapt with all of the cats at home. Mama Lexie the grey ones, looks soo pity on her. She is a nursery mom, but two of her kids were died. Mama Lexie lets Lupi to get some milks of her. She tread Lupi just like her own kid. I choose some pretty name for her. Finnaly I got ones LUPI. I hope

Lupi will grow well and stay with us for ever. Me and my family love her so much.


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